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  1. Sorry about that! I suggest that you create another topic. http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/forum/33-reporting-income/ You are following an old thread and I'm sure you will get help if you post. My Ufile in on another computer that is not set up and I would not be able to find it quickly unless I set it up. Sorry for giving you the wrong answer, I know how frustrating it is. Hopefully you can find the correct place to post. You will get help.
  2. Newbie, when you enter the amount for your rent it should give you an amount for line 6110. People who don't make too much money all qualify for Trillium. (You would not see an amount at that line) When they add their rent to their income tax their Trillium cheque is higher. People would get a small monthly cheque as opposed to one cheque in 2017. Did you pay rent?
  3. This is a quote from your link: "All regular fees including food, accommodation, nursing care, administration, maintenance, social programming and activities qualify as medical expenses. However, extra personal expenses such as hairdresser fees are not allowable". Does this mean that a person who does not have a T2201 on file but has a doctor's certification can take the whole amount including rent (minus hairdresser etc) and include it on line 330 (medical expenses)? When they have the T2201 they can only claim attendant care up to $10,000.00 if they want to claim the disability credit but those who do not have it on file can claim with the proper documentation from a doctor. But what exactly can they claim? Does this mean that if their total bill from the nursing home says $25,000.00 (minus hairdresser etc) they can claim this amount? It doesn't make sense to me that those without a T2201 would be able to claim more money yet this is the way that I read it. Am I reading it wrong?
  4. A person who does not have a T2201 and is disabled is able to claim nursing home in medical expenses. It is written that the person may be able to claim (if they have certification from a doctor) full nursing home expenses. My question is: What is FULL nursing home expenses? Can someone give me an example? Is monthly rent paid to the nursing home what they call full nursing home expenses? Or do they mean that they can claim full attendant care even if it is over $10,000.00?
  5. I would like to make an adjustment to the rent. I need to change line 6110 for Ontario and I am not able to see the possibility anywhere. When I look under "Line number of the jacket regarding the adjustment" I can't see the line that I need to change. Does anyone know what I am supposed to do?
  6. Thank you so much! Both answer were great it was really hard for me to find. It ends up being a saving mostly for the person in a pension but in my case I also benefit. It's really good to know. Thank you again!
  7. My income tax is already finished. I am looking at the results. I am trying to change it to see what the outcome would be has it not given me this extra money. Can you tell me the benefit of a higher income having an extra $2000.00? If the tax is based on a 40,000.00 threshold for my province and for Canada the amount is not affecting our income bracket. We remain in the same brackets which are different. We're not close to the threshold. I did not request the pension splitting when I filed my income tax with UFile. I always make sure that I don't share anything with my husband if I don't have to. I'm afraid of them giving him some of my money.
  8. I would like to know why Ufile would add $2000.00 of income to my income tax from my husband for pension splitting. It would seem that I would have to pay more taxes on my amount. I can't see where the tax saving would be for me. He had a nice refund and I owed money but like I said I did see an extra $2000.00 for pension splitting added to my income. Can someone explain this to me?
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