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  1. I have read through this forum and I have not come across an appropriate answer to this question. Quote: When entering professional self employment income income (T2125, part 2), the program provides no field in which to enter HST collected. On T2125 part 2, HST collected is supposed to be entered on line (i) so that it can be subtracted from the amount on line D. However, I can find no field that allows me to enter the amount required for line (i). Please explain how I can enter the amount for line (i). In my previous years filing with Ufile, there WAS an entry for HST collected. I have tried the suggestions noted by the forum administrators and looked at the CRA website regarding this and they are conflicting. I have been trying for hours to get ANY number to output to T2125 part 2 section (i) but it seems Ufile will not output that data. This will render my return ineligible for efile. Note: I did enter my HST data into the "Quick Method - GST/HST collected or collectable on sales eligible for Quick method" and it seems to be the correct end result BUT I am NOT eligible for Quick method and the output of this data is in the quick method section of my T2125 and not section (i) where I need it to be. Can you please tell me exactly which question in Ufile outputs to the section (i) Thanks in advance
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