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  1. dimasha

    download link?

    Gaetan, do you have a download link to version 19.11 of UFile2015? The latest version 19.16 is defective because it prompts to enter a password for an non-protected tax file, see a number of threads created for this issue.
  2. dimasha

    Password protect file...

    Roger, what system locales, what are you talking about? Everybody is experiencing this, look in the other thread. You should roll it back IMMEDIATELY, not "early next week"! This is a major issue holding everybody up during a tax season!!!
  3. dimasha

    Latest UFile 2015 version

    What is the latest version of UFile 2015? My copy shows but it hasn't been updated since Dec, 2014.
  4. dimasha

    Form T1212 cannot be added

    When are you planning to release the update that fixes this issue?
  5. dimasha

    Form T1212 cannot be added

    When I try to add form T1212 (Deferred employee stock option benefits) UFile 2015 presents a "Oops, something went wrong" error, probably meaning some kind of failure within the application. This has nothing to do with my return as it is easily reproducible via simple steps of creating a brand new tax return, going to the “T4 and employment income” page and clicking the + button on the “T1212-Deferred employee stock option benefits” line. Does everybody else experience the same problem with this form, and if so, is there a resolution for this issue?