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  1. Hi Patrick, Thank you for your post. With CVITP we are specifically told not to save the file. I would like to hear what UFile Support has to say. Of course I may have to wait a long, long time. Kal
  2. I am using UFile PRO. After efiling a return and receiving an acknowledgement, I click on Save in order to save a copy of the acknowledgement. The file name generated does not contain the client name. The name generated is "/New file_EOL_HH_ACK.txt". Incidentally when using the CVITP version of the program the generated name contains the full name of the client; John Q Public_and_family tax 2015.u15_EOL_HH_ACK.txt For the head of the family John Q Public_and_family tax 2015.u15_EOL_SP_ACK.txt For the spouse
  3. @Bretonix Thank you again. You have answered all my questions and concerns. Kal
  4. @Bretonix Thank you for the clarification. One more question: If I activate with the PRO activation key do I get Form T183 and if I activate with the CVITP key then do I get Form TIS60? Thank you
  5. Thank you Gaetan for the response. You mentioned to install UFile under Joe-PRO user. I assume to install the UFile-PRO version of the program. Under Joe-CVITP user do I install the CVITP version of UFile which is provided to us by CRA? Thank you.
  6. I am a CVITP volunteer and will be installing the CVITP version of UFile on my computer. I also have a business preparing tax returns. I am planning to buy UFile PRO. Can I install both software on the same computer? It is running Windows 7. I would really like to hear from members who have done this in the past. Thank you.
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