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  1. I deleted it all and re-installed it. (after saving my return of course) issue seems to be gone, was able to submit my return
  2. Im having the same issue with run as administrator as well. and I cant even send a message to support the same error message comes up. I've shut off my antiviruses and firewalls and its still not working. I purchased ufile for windows
  3. Ive been trying for the last 6 hours to file my return. Ive looked online for an answer and there isnt one that works, ive even tried everything for all of the other issues people have been having and still doesnt work. I tried to submit a request to ufile to have them answer and i got the same error message trying to send them a message. I have internet connection, Ive never had this issue before. message is as follows REJECTED the underlying connection was closed; An unexpected error occured on a receive. (I also get this message when I try to email support using ufile) I am assuming since its an error on the receive that the receiving end is the issue and this is something that UFile needs to fix on their end? Someone please advise. (I have updated the software, restarted my computer multiple times, disabled my firewall, there was no information in my "file progression" page but i deleted over the empty spaces anyways, i have no warnings or errors)
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