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  1. My spouse's entered income is in the neighbourhood of 2700 but the final result shows over 20,000. My income is closer to being accurate but I can't figure out why hers shows such an increase when there's no entries to cause it. Anyone have a suggestion?
  2. NormHamilton

    Box 126

    Interesting that no-one has an answer to this.
  3. NormHamilton

    Box 126

    How do I add box 126 from my T4A. I have to include both box 32 and box 126. (Last year the Ufile form had the options for pre-1990 contributions listed under Box 32 but this year they're not there.) Norm
  4. Thanks, KalBiro. That alleviates a lot of stress. Norm
  5. Question about pension income splitting, Line 116. On our summary it indicates 18,841.18 additional income on my spouse's return, but nothing less on mine. That way the total income appears to be $18,184.18 higher than what was received. Can you tell me how this is calculated and what impact this figure has on our taxes? I'm confused.
  6. How do I make the entry in the CCA section when the asset(s) no longer exist? For example, in one section I've had two cameras pack it in and no longer work so I don't have them any longer. Is there a point where I should just consider an asset completely depreciated? In this case my laptop only has 87.45 left as the undepreciated value. If I should depreciate the entire balance, how do I make the entry?
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