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  1. Try going to task manager and increasing the priority.
  2. I turned AVG back on, and U-File 2015 still runs (as of last night). I am wondering if there is an interaction with Windows 10 and preview builds of Windows 10? Brandyout, try running U-File 2015 in compatibility mode with Windows 8 or Windows 7. The Application runs in a memory space that is a simulated Windows 8 or 7 (virtual machine). "Right-click" on the icon, then choose "Properties" at the bottom of the menu. You will see a tab that says "Compatibility". Good luck.
  3. I turned off AVG, set the app to run in administrator mode and also turned on compatibility mode. I was able to get it to load now.
  4. Also, U-File 2014 still loads and runs with no issues.
  5. We have used U-File for many years. We recently upgraded all the computers to Windows 10 and also new HP Hardware. I purchased U-File 2015 from Staples and performed what looked like a successful installation, but when I go to run U-File, it does not load. I uninstalled it from the computer I would nomally use and tried another with the same results. We need to get this running so that we can estimate contributions. Is there an issue with with Windows 10, HP or AVG software? Thanks
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