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  1. I was preparing my tax returns using UFile and employed the Auto-Fill function provided in UFile linking to CRA’s web site. Observations: Not all forms are currently on the CRA web site so only those filed by tax form issuers can be downloaded. Forms on the CRA web site do not have complete information… for example, when claiming pension income (Box 16), you must declare the type of pension income. For example, coming from a registered pension plan. If you have pension income coming from a unregistered plan, It has its own box… Box 109. After performing the Auto-Fill and entering missing tax information from other slips I ran the calculation routine and found that I was getting a much larger refund that expected. OK… time to NETFILE to get that large refund and I thought I better check some of the details. No need to go to prison for filing a false tax return. J I’m glad I checked. I looked at the details pertaining to tax slips shown in the program and while all amounts showed as recorded in the “Interview” stage, one of the amounts did not appear in the summary page. On closer look, the problem appears to be with one of the downloaded Auto-Fill tax slips. It was missing the appropriate code for the Box 16 amount declaring that the pension income was from a registered plan. I deleted the Auto-Filled downloaded tax slip and re-entered it manually. Did the recalculation and the refund was much smaller… but correct. So, I would recommended that if you are going to use Auto-Fill, double check all the required fields.
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