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  1. Aliac9000

    Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    I'm getting the same error with Win 10 and UFile 2016 (12 returns). Microsoft Edge is installed, and starts ok if its icon in the taskbar is clicked. This autofill functionality is VERY important to me. What do I have to do to make it work?
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  3. Aliac9000

    What is modest income taxpayer?

    Two questions: 1. Is this total income <= $25,000 rule also applicable to UFile for Windows for the 2016 tax year? 2. Does "total income" refer to all kinds of income, for example to university scholarships?
  4. Aliac9000

    UFile 2015 Won't start on Windows 10 Computers

    I had the same problem this afternoon. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Ufile 2015 from the CD, and it started up fine, after I chose not to install updates. BUT: when I did download and install Ufile Update v. 19.15, the problem came back - Ufile just won't start. So it would appear that something about the update or update process breaks the app.