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  1. I bought 'Ufile 4 Windows'. 2016 tax year. I downloaded it today. When I go into it, it presumes I'm doing a family - head of household, spouse and dependants. Last year I never got that. Last year it was for 4 individuals, not a family. I want Ufile that will be for 4 individuals, related or not. Was I sent the wrong version? Has Ufile changed this year so that the 4 people for 'Ufile 4 Windows' have to be part of a family? Thank you
  2. I'm trying to enter amounts on Lines 305 and 318 but they aren't shown on Ufile Windows. How do I get these lines to appear so I can enter amounts in them? How do I generate Schedule 5 so I can see line 305 so I can enter an amount in it? Is there some way to bypass the Interview questions so I can generate schedule 5 myself? For line 318 I don't want to create a dependent's tax return on Ufile because the dependant has already sent in his tax return. I simply want to use the federal worksheet to enter an amount on line 318. Is there a way I can bypass Ufile's Interview que
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