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  1. M. Brian

    Netfile REJECTED

    Is it true that if my computer uses the Vista OS, I am no longer able to Netfile with UFILE? If so, how do I get my money back? ( I know I can't get back the time I put into setting up and completing 3 tax returns.)
  2. M. Brian

    Tax Return Rejected

    Sparkle replied below that Ufile informs him/her that if you are using Vista, you can't Netfile. I am using Vista also. and am getting the same Rejected message. If this is true how do we get a refund? I have used Ufile on my Vista operated computer for many years. If its not being supported anymore, it would have been nice to have known that before purchasing.
  3. M. Brian

    Tax Return Rejected

    I am experiencing exactly the same problem. UFile: Please help us
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