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  1. Strange as I had no problem with my husband's which I filed first. I see a date, now I fill have the joy of being put on hold forever by CRA to confirm if they received my return...very annoying error! By the way, the CRA lines are so full they do not even bother to put you on hold, just tell you to call back. I have been using net file for many years and this is first time I have the problem. Not impressed.
  2. Yesterday I did my returns for myself and my spouse...went to submit . 3 of the 4 returns went thru no problem. My federal was rejected with this message 't1rq:FileReturnRequest' start tag on line 1 position 191 does not match the end tag of 't1:T1Return'. Line 1, position 966 Sent message to Ufile, got useless reply, no help so far. Anyone else have this problem?
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