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  1. So i have had the CPP QPP Auto-fill error for three filers using the CRA Auto-fill problem. I used the workaround I found in this community - re-create the T4's and delete the Auto-filled ones. So that cleared up 3 warnings, 1 with each filer. Thank you for the helpful posts on that. I have a 2nd error. My RRSP Overcontribution from the CRA Auto-fill is showing up Spousal and for myself - essentially doubles the overcontribution - this in turn sets off additional warnings. I am not filing a Spousal return. I tried zeroing and saving - didn't work - Spousal entry remains. I tried creating a Spousal return, save, enter again, delete, save - Spousal info remains. I can't seem to correct this either directly or indirectly. Are others experiencing this or have any further workaround ideas. I did document this to support a week ago and am patiently waiting my turn for follow up. I am not able to Netfile until this is corrected.