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  1. Hi Eric, Did you find the solution yet elsewhere on the forum? Basically, you need to uninstall, reinstall an older version of UFile 2015 (19.15) and then open your file and set a password. For the newer updates of UFile, you must have a password set or else you're out of luck. By the way, how is this bug still around? It's been well over a month! Are the developers just sitting around twiddling their thumbs!?
  2. New features are fine if they don't screw up other things. The password bug is still here even though people have been complaining about it a month ago!
  3. I still don't understand why this locale thing is becoming an issue this year. Can someone with technical knowledge please explain it?
  4. Wow, the latest update did not fix this password issue even though it started nearly a month ago! Also, no one ever got back to me with my support request. I will not be using UFile after this year. This is beyond ridiculous now.
  5. I appreciate this workaround. But it's still ridiculous that we need to go through these steps to get the program functioning again. They need to release an update asap and let us know a timeline of when to expect it.
  6. rchoe

    New design (UFile 2015)

    This new interface stinks big time. I've been using this program for several years and was always happy with it. Why fix something if it isn't broken? Now I'm dealing with this major password issue with the latest update. Time to look for another program.
  7. This is extremely frustrating. I have quite a few returns I had saved and now I can't open any of them. If I have to start them all over again, this will be my last year using this program. Everything was fine for the last several years. I didn't like this new look and feel this year, but I dealt with it, however this password issue will be the last straw if it's not corrected properly, and soon.
  8. I created an account just to complain about this bug. This needs to be fixed ASAP; it's such a major issue. (Even creating an account was a chore since that anti-spam security image thing was so hard to read). Please don't tell me I have to redo all my returns from the beginning.
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