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  1. MAE

    Fraudulent email from CRA

    Great, I'm feeling better about this. It was a close call for me. Some scammer obviously was aware of my filing from your website to Netfile and the refund amount was very close to what was expected. I think your users deserve a notification about this issue.
  2. MAE

    Fraudulent email from CRA

    How would scammers know there was a refund and be pretty close to the amount I expected? What other information could be at risk?
  3. Within one hour of filing my return from the UFile /netfile website I received an email from "CRA" advising me to access my refund by clicking on an e-transfer link. This link would expire today, March 20th. Since CRA has never sent my refund this way alarm bells were ringing. Clicking on the Canada Revenue Agency header the address revealed was karen.gonzalez@aus.xerox.com??? Anyone else have issues?
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