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  1. Thank you. Why is the uccb considered income for my daughter when it's being claimed by me?
  2. Hi...I entered all of my information and my daughter's only to continue to receive a message saying "i indicated the child had no income, however there was data entered saying she did" The fix is to uncheck the "i had income" box or remove the data. After trying about 10 times to uncheck the box (not visible anywhere) and going through everything on both files, I decided to delete hers and start from scratch. Thank god she's only 12 so not much info to replace. Now that her file is deleted, I did the dependent ID, interview and controls again and stopped. Went to check out the review tab and guess what....THE ERROR IS STILL THERE even though no receipts were entered. I need help please!!! I've been using ufile for years and never had an issue. Can someone tell me what is wrong.
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