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  1. but this is TOTALLY WRONG!! I answered my husbands return yes to all three question and the warning is gone, BUT my adjusted taxable income is NOT $NIL... whatever... finally get rid off the messages and I agree this year's UFile is disappointing...
  2. Yes I have the same issue... I choose yes and save it and still get the same error message... than I went back choose no and again I get the same message....ridiculous..... as I see not much help from UFile admins... I have anther issue and doesn't look like they reading these pages.... very disappointed....
  3. I have a same issue but for a university student.... I entered all info but cannot enter the amount, part A in missing.... I would need Line 6110.... At the Owner section you can enter address, months, tax amount, but on the Student page only address and month and name of the university... not box for amount!! Please let me know if you know what to do... Thank you!!
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