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  1. I do, and when it launches, the @#$%& thing freezes every time too. What's happening to UFile?
  2. I'm using a Ufile for windows CD on Win 8.1, after all the calculations, the screen goes blank when I go to NETFILE and click 'Next" after the Netfile Status page. Nothing happens after that. Do I need to go online and do my Tax? What about the CD I bought?
  3. I opened the software and have updated successfully. I have completed my return and the tax calculations were successfully completed as shown at the bottom left of the results, however, when I go to Step 5 NETFILE and clicked "Next", nothing happens. No warnings or errors, just a plain blank page. What is wrong? I also had to reinstall software because it froze, in fact - several times. I've used UFile for several years now and this is the first time that I encountered these problems, and NO PHONE NUMBER to call for help.
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