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  1. Who designed this website? They shouldn't be let NEAR a computer for years. Self-Employment in the Interview....the last letter is cut off. I have the fonts set small on latest Firefox. At 120 dpi on XP. Learn that not everybody uses microscopic fonts. Make it display properly and then people with lousy close vision can zoom it to size. Everybody is happy. Anyway, self employment income may not be business yet I see no place to input non-business self employment income on this form. It should be under Self Employment....duh. For some inexplicable reason Ufile doesn't put the Line number clearly beside every field we're filling out so we can reference it. I was looking for Line 104 (other income). Its buried! Why??????????
  2. So I just plowed through the whole thing online and when I get to the page titled: "Refund or balance owing" there are no numbers on display. This seems odd. Did I do something wrong? Everything seemed to be fine up to this point. ----------- Seems I can't delete this post. Anyway, I found out through a convoluted manner how to find my amount owing/refund total. This website needs work! The page-down, page-up functions don't work at all. Neither do the up/down arrow keys. You need to use your mousewheel to scroll down through pages and pages. Correction: This website needs LOTS of work.
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