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  1. Hello, Just wondering for some advice. My family moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia last September for my wife to start a job here in January. We have about $15,000 in moving credits. The catch is my wife didn't actually start working until January so she didn't have an income to claim. I continued to work remotely for the company in Ontario when we arrived in Halifax. So my question is, even though we didn't move closer to my workplace, we moved for my wife to accept a new job, can I still claim the moving credits against the income that I brought in from the time we moved in September until December 31? Hoping so...because Nova Scotia taxes are a heck of a lot higher. Thanks!
  2. Hello forum members, Just wondering for some advice on properly filling out the moving credit. We (my spouse and two children) moved from Kingston, Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia last year for my wife to accept a new job. In Kingston, I had the primary income. My wife was in school so her income was minimal. It will be advantageous for us to claim the moving costs, about $15,000 against my income even though we moved for her job (I have also since picked up a job here but that was not the primary reason we moved). In order to claim the moving credit, should I enter all of the moving costs under my profile, or does it really matter and MaxBack will decide where it is best allotted even if I enter them all under my wife's? Just wondering for some quick advice. Thanks so much! Derek
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