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    On review, I've got this message. Based on your family income and according to your family situation, UFile has determined that you MIGHT be eligible for some of the Ontario Trillium benefits that are claimed on the ON-BEN form. You may define your applicable claims in the ON-BEN - Application page and enter the data pertaining to your principal residence in the relevant ON-BEN - Declaration pages to enable UFile to perform the calculation of the estimated Ontario Trillium Benefit and the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant, click here However, ON-BEN - Application is complete, except for Amount of your 2016 Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant which I don't know, and the ON-BEN - Declaration for homeowners is completed. But the Ufile does not transfer the amount of property tax paid to calculate the Property tax credit/residence credit What am I doing wrong? Please help
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