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  1. Hi, Is it normal that i get a T936 - CNIL form after carry forwarding from 2017? Let me know if you guys know. Thanks.
  2. After doing a carry forward, i see a section for capital gains (or losses) and ABIL section. Underneath that, i see: - inclusion rate for 2000 - capital gain history Is this something from the carry forward that I should keep on this file? or should i delete this too? I also see a bunch of empty T5's created after the carry forward. Those I had deleted. Thanks in advance, guys.
  3. Hi Grant, The button to delete the form is the minus sign with a circle around it. It took me a bit to figure that out.
  4. Hi, I am using netfile and CRA to retrieve my tax data. I noticed that CRA and Netfile retrieves their own copy of T4/RL-1 and T5. It seems to be duplicated. i just want to make sure with you guys that this is normal? Thanks, Har
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