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  1. Linx

    CCA Class

    (I'm helping a family member who purchased UFile but has not heard from them since) RE: CCA – Class 8 - 2018 opening balance is under $50.00. The item in question is damaged and useless (It's in the garbage now). Prefer to stop the carry over but not sure what is the best way to fill out UFile (2018) T2125. Under "Did you dispose of an asset in this class" – I take it that the answer is -Yes "Proceeds of disposition of assets" I presume the answer is - Zero (0) Not sure if other boxes should be filled out? Not sure if penalties will be incurred or is it advisable to let UFile continue depreciation as is? Thank you
  2. As mentioned I have been purchasing UFile for a few years now. I print all my tax returns and save them as a pdf for myself and family members. Since my last email I also notice that the Capital Cost Allowance Claim -> Amounts in Column 10 (balance) have not been carried forward either. At this point I am going back and forth between 2015 and 2016. In addition, I notice that Ufile 2016: no longer has the option to view ' Prior year comparative information' under "Refund / Balance Owing". At this point I think myself and others with the same issue of 'carry forward' deserve a response from an expert Ufile technician.
  3. Follow-up clarification: Ufile is not certified for 'free' download but seemingly for paid. Either way, I am switching.
  4. I notice that myself, and many others have had issues with Ufile 2016 not importing information from Ufile 2015. Ufile use to respond fairly quickly in the past but not sure what has happened that this year their service is terrible. In addition, someone I know called up Canada Revenue and was informed that one particular carry forward amount was way off so I decided to investigate further. Today I have found out that Ufile is 'not' on the list of certified softwares for 2017 netfile purpose. My suggestion is that people may want to run their taxes through a second software. Here is a link to Canada Revenue: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/esrvc-srvce/tx/ndvdls/netfile-impotnet/crtfdsftwr/menu-eng.html
  5. Linx


    It would help if Admin Support on this website can be more informative. Since it it obvious that there are issues with UFile 2016 then it would help to know what 'browsers' work best for those who want to use Auto Fill. Actually, it should be stated on the website and software packages.
  6. It seems that we are not the only ones with this issue. I have emailed Ufile and unless I get a response I will not purchase this software again next year. If it's a bug in the software then Ufile should admit that there is a problem. For five years or more I have been purchasing this software and so far have had no complaints. I presume that if the carry forward does not work--then what else is not going to work? Calculations?
  7. I have used Ufile (Windows Version) for over five years now, but this is the one year that amounts in the '2015 Summary of Carryforward' have not been transferred to 2016 Ufile. Basic information like name, social ins# got carried forward but not these amounts despite two attempts at carrying over last years information. Amounts in CNIL; RRSP and unused Tuition Amounts have not been carried forward. I sent an email to support and all I received back was a list of links that suggested I read further. Non of these links were of any help. Prior to this I was using an older version of Windows, so I am not sure if this has something to do with this issue. Can you offer a solution as all I want is to make sure that the amounts are allocated to the correct Tax Form line. Thank you
  8. Linx

    T2125 Net Income Loss

    Hello This is the third filing of a T2125 form (sole proprietor) using Ufile. The first two years there was a modest net profit but this year there will be a modest net loss. What I like to know is how does UFile handle the net loss i.e. Is there a carry forward? Thanks Linx
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