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  1. i have encountered this same issue but with the 2017 ufile tax.. Netfile rejected with that same weird message and I can't get any help from ufile...I have been trying to reach them via phone and 2 support requests. I also entered my query as a new topic on this forum but have had no replies. I tried the suggestion of GO TO "Interview tax", then "file progression" on the left side menu and remove all dates entered, leave page blank, then you should be able to netfile. I cannot find FILE PROGRESSION on the left side menu or anywhere. Can someone help me with this please and thankyou.
  2. RE: 2017 taxes I have used Ufile for about 10 years and never had an issue with Netfiling, I have already completed and netfiled 2 tax returns for 2017. The next 2 (married couple) I`ve tried to netfile but they are rejected with this message: The `t1rq: FileReturnRequest start tag on line 1 position 191 does not match the end tag of `t1: T1Return, Line 1 position 919. I have no idea what this means. On 2016 forum, I see someone had that exact message, was told to go to Interview Tab, then to `File Progression` on left side of menu & remove all dates entered, leave page blank. I cannot find this File Progression on the 2017 software, don`t know what to do. I have triple checked my work and I don`t see any problems, at least nothing that stands out. I will say that when carrying forward the 2016 tax info, the uFILE may have had a glitch as it loaded all the figures from 2016 T slips, ususally the amounts from prev years don`t load...then the 2016 tax file disappeared when I tried to bring it back up on the 2016 software. wondering if the carry forward has created a problem. If I start over, it costs me 2 returns. Help
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