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  1. Thanks Antoine for the clarification. However, I do not have a box 38 on my T4, I have a box 40. Perhaps if you can bear my silliness, could you clarify what information I need to enter in the capital gain form for it to be computed properly ? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all, Was looking for help , first time reporting capital gain/loss from selling company's stock. On the capital gains page, it requires the date of disposition and total proceeds from the sale. I can fill these in; but then it requires me to fill Stock option benefits included as employment income (T4 box 38) and it says I should enter it to avoid double taxation. First of all, I have a box 40 not 38 on my T4. Second, is this how the software will compute my capital gains/loss by subtracting what I enter as stock option benefits included as employment income from the proceeds of the sale ? If I already included the amount in box 40 on my T4, do I need to include it again on the capital gains form ? (Noting that when I fill it in the T4 form, it says it's for information purposes only and it's already included in box 14; but maybe it's used in computing capital gains/losses as well). I'm a bit confused as to what boxes I should be filling where, I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.
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