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  1. The customer support for Ufile is horrible. I need this answered too (including some other questions), but no one answers.
  2. Hello, I have 3 questions/issues for the Ufile support team: 1. I purchased Ufile with 4 tax returns and "Included Free Ufile Online Family Version Tax Return (Perfect for PC and Mac)". However, I cannot update the program. When I try to update, it says "Unable to Connect to Server. Please Check your internet connection and try again later". My internet connection is perfect, and I have tried getting downloads with Windows Firewall, VPN, and all antivirus programs are disabled, but it still doesn't work. Is there any solution to this? My fear is once I have spent all this time using the program to complete my taxes, that I will not be able to efile. 2. I live in Ontario. Is the Climate Action Incentive Payment (Line 449 – Climate action incentive) active in Ufile 2018? If not, how do I claim this benefit within the software? 3. My wife has a Mac, and I have a PC with windows. I purchased Ufile 2018 with 4 tax returns, and it said it included Free Online Family Version Tax Return for PC OR Mac, with a voucher code. The idea was for my wife to use the online version because it supports Mac. However, on the website it is very convoluted on how a Mac user can use this voucher. Online it says that when you netfile, you need to provide a credit card for payment. Therefore, is there an easy link (or process) where my wife, who has a Mac, can enter the voucher code and easily access the UFile online Family Version Tax Return, complete, and efile her taxes? Thank you.
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