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  1. Me too - exactly the same. And have not a reply from support with a fix yet. I have not indicated I want to stop paying (on my self employment income (or employment income) but I get the warning to fix it. But the fix is to indicate I make the election CPT30 to stop contributing but I did not stop in 2018. So the fix just goes to the one side of the problem - it does not go to the side where I apparently indicated i want to stop. I have searched every schedule and it all looks like I have not indicated stopping. I submitted a Support request and got the auto reply with some suggestions. I tried with no success. That email said if those things did not fix it to reply and so Support should be coming back to me but it has been a week tomorrow with nothing further. Even searching spam box several times a day So i am stuck. Hopefully I will hear form Support soon as this is holding up our filing. I see others have had this issue. If you did not give up and got it resolved please post. I am all ears for any suggestions any might have thanks in advance
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