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  1. Ang

    NR4 for 2018 taxes

    This question is concerning the tax year for 2018. My son received an NR4 form in CAD funds from a Canadian brokerage office showing $ amounts in Box 16 'Gross Income' & Box 17 $ amount for 'Non-resident tax withheld'. Box 9 has an Income Code of 9, which on the CRA website correlates to a T5 slip. Corresponding Box 16 & 17 on T5 sheet in ufile program doesn't say "Gross Income or Non-Resident Tax withheld". Boxes 16 says it's for reporting foreign income tax on dividends but the amounts on the NR4 are not for foreign income but for dividends incurred for canadian securities. Can anyone tell me where on the 2018 ufile program I plug in the tax that was withheld? Thanks A
  2. Ang


    Can someone answer my question: My son is a resident of Canada but working in Egypt in 2018. He received An NR4 from Egypt showing income over $50 and non resident tax withheld. Do I report any of this information on ufile an if so where? Thanks A
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