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  1. I can't carry forward my TurboTax 2017 information despite what UFile FAQ, what uFile support staff and what many of ufile's resellers say on their websites. How does someone carry forward the information. There is only three weeks left. Can someone from uFile send the correct download file that lets you carry forward the information for TurboTax 2017? UFile FAQ In UFile for Windows, select Carry forward a 20XX tax file from the "File" menu. This will open a window where you may select "TurboTax" (or QuickTax for years prior to 2011) and specify the location of your prior year tax file. UFile will then convert your tax file and carry both your permanent information and tax carryforwards into the UFile product you have chosen. Email from uFile Support Feb 14, 2019, 9:05 PM Hello, Thank you for contacting UFile support. The Turbo Tax carry forward function was not available until today, when the new update was released for UFile. You can check for updates at any time by selecting the button "Get Latest Update" from the "Start" tab. The system will then download any available updates. If you have a file active (open), we recommended that you save any changes before checking for updates. Once the updates have been downloaded, the program will shut down in order to properly install the updates files without requiring a reboot. If you don't have an Internet connection, select "Get Latest Updates" in the "Start" tab to obtain information on how to receive your update by mail (CD-ROM order form). NOTE: You can also update the software by clicking on "Check for updates..." from the "settings" menu located on the top-right corner. Regards, Radhika On behalf of the UFile Team
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