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  1. Hi, -Membership fees -Course fees -textbook cost -Exam fees My employer have not paid for the above, Where in UFILE should they be entered? Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm an hourly building inspector. I'm also trying to shave off taxes by finding deductibles. My work provides me with a cellphone and a desktop. both are inefficient in my opinion and I end up using my personal hardware half the time. the following items be usable in for T2200 (everything on the list is unpaid by the employer obviously): cell phone bills cell phone purchase shipping on a cell phone return (cost incurred on faulty cell phone) laptop computer tuition fees and exam fees on work related courses transport fees (km, ferry and parking) to reach the courses or training dropbox yearly subscription couple of tools I use on the job work pants and gloves professional association fees I welcome your feedbacks
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