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  1. Rakko

    Residency status

    Hi clw ! No, I couldn't reached out both of them yet. But when I contacted CRA regarding the same question before, the answer I got was they are considered as a NON-RESIDENT. and I called Ufile to ask how to input, the lady I spoke with said 'Information about your residency status' would be Non-resident, AND I need to use one of them as well; either 'election under s.216' or 's.217'. But my clients receive neither rental income nor any benefits related to s.217, so I don't know why I need to choose one of those. So I was confused how I am supposed to do
  2. Rakko

    Residency status

    Hello clw, Thank you ! This is what I thought too ! I have been wonderign how come if you are leaving after staying in Canada only for 1year is considered as an emigrant ?! Thank you, I will give them a call, hopefully I don't need to wait for an hour to talk to an operator !
  3. Rakko

    Residency status

    Hello clw, thank you very much for always helping me ! >>if in 2019, 90% of his world income is from Canada, then you can apply the tax credits Yes, this is the case. >>The only situation that applies to your client’s situation in your screen shot above is the last one : ‘information about your residency status’ I don't need to use 'You emigrated from Canada in 2019' even if they leave Canada for good during 2019 ? When I choose either non-resident or deemed resident from ‘information about your residency status’, it seems they are still receiving Canada Workers Benefit, and also let me submit online. I thought CWB was only for RESIDENTS, and I need to submit T1 by paper if they left Canada for good during 2019.
  4. Rakko

    Residency status

    Thank you clw, I have read this article before too and this is pretty helpful ! so my question now is, how to input this page (attached photo) when you use ufile pro ?
  5. Rakko

    Residency status

    Thank you, clw ! so in this situation, Even though he has no tie with Canada, he is a resident for tax purposes both in 2019 and 2020 ? and not deemed resident or non-resident ? Then how should I input on ufile ? interview set up / Immigrant, emigrant, non resident... (second one from the top) / you immigrated to Canada (in 2019) or emigrated Canada (in 2020) and not touch Information about your residency status ? Thank you !
  6. Rakko

    Residency status

    Hello clw, thank you for your reply. Here is the most of my client's situation. ・They are in Canada with 1year working holiday visa, and they leave Canada once their visa has expired. ・Not planning on coming back to Canada as a resident. ・No family, no house, no cars or furniture in Canada. (no ties) Let's say, a guy is coming to Canada with 1year working holiday visa on September 10, 2019, and going back to Japan (his home country) for good on June10. He was working at a Japanese restaurant during his stay in Canada, and this is the only income he earned. In this situation, he is not considered as a non-resident (length in Canada is less than 183days) ?
  7. Hello, I have a question regaring how to enter residency status. What is the difference between Immigrant, emigrant or non-resident / You were a non-resident of Canada for all of 2019 and Immigrant, emigrant or non-resident / Information about your residency status / Non-resident ? Let's say, if one of my client is considered as non-resident for tax purposes, how should I enter ? Thank you.
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