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  1. Thank you - but I don't want the amount to be used at all. I've deleted every medical expense in every individual and set the last date of medical to 01-01-2019 - but the amount still shows up. I changed it to I claim medical expenses to each individual claims the expenses, but it still sits under my name, leading me to believe the glitch is in my account. Or it's just glitched.
  2. I would really like to file, I have everything done. I realized my medical claims would not make a difference in our taxes this year so I decided to remove them. I removed all claims from every individual, however when I look at the final tax return, I have $306 in medical claims sitting there on line 33099. I don't want it in there case I want to use any of 2019s medical bills for 2020. Any suggestions? Thank you
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