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  1. This did not answer my question. I understand how to enter the data, my questions pertains to whether or not GST QST refund is also based on CCA on ufile online. If so what is the amount used given I would have to deduct it off UCC next year. Additionally, does ufile online automatically deduct it next year if it does take CCA gst qst refund. My next question pertained to interest expense. I bought a car and total price includes interest. When I added the vehicle costs I included total costs including interest rather than deducting it on a yearly basis
  2. Hi, I am a little confused on a section called "Employment Expenses" and I will try to explain as clear as possible. I incurred various expenses relating to motor vehicle expenses. On the motor vehicle expense schedule, I entered all costs that I incurred including my new vehicle used for business and personal use. The system asked me whether I would like to claim GST/QST rebate on those expenses. I clicked yes and then entered the GST and QST numbers. My question is whether the GST and QST rebate is only on expenses other than CCA or does it include CCA. The main reason I am asking this q
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