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  1. Over60

    Executor Fees Entry

    I have dealt with this. You should claim as earned income, important if you wish this amount to be included as the calculation for your RRSP amount eligibility. If your not concerned with that aspect claim under other income. Also it helps to split income over two yrs but in this case you would need actual payments made to you in each yr to keep records straight. If estate is with a lawyer and is feasible to do, consider it. An alternate idea if you do not wish to claim as income, you must have expenses, time, travel, etc, etc,,they can be costs in lieu of executor fees, expenses are just fees reimbursed to you, no tax implications. In my cases I had both as I had to travel out of town a few times to meet with lawyers and visit my relatives home.
  2. NOTE: IF you have any T5008 forms be careful to select the CORRECT one in UFILE(there are 2 T5008). I had some capital gains/losses, but picked the input form for Interest, investment income. NOW that form allows you similar field inputs, but there is a caution there that says, don't use for Capital Gains/losses. BEING a senior I THOUGHT it meant, don't put the usual stock gains or losses (which would be on different documents) here, but I thought, well I have the input field #s so did it anyway. UFILE doesn't FLAG this as a possible improper submission of data. WHEN I ran the RESULTS, no errors or msgs, BUT after correcting the INPUT to the CORRECT UFILE T5008 MY results came out DIFFERENT for the final calculations. I suspect Somehow, UFILE calculates data differently for the different forms, Not sure, BUT just mentioning this in case you might make the same error as I did.
  3. I set up UFILE return as myself as main, then wife then son (dependent). I notice with my wife, the Disability amount for self, line 316 shows the amount. For for my Son (dependent), who is an adult, it has historically not shown that amount on line 316. I believe UFILE handles the transfer of the deduction properly BUT can someone clarify WHY it does not show on his Return? When return is NETFILED does the Cdn Revenue System just automatically know that his T2001 is on file and does the appropriate processing??
  4. Today I got a NOTE(from Microsoft ) that XP will no longer be supported after April 9th(think that is date). SO, I would like to port my UFILE PGMs for 2011, 2012 to a new PC. I do have all the PDF and other DATA files backed up. I don't have the CDs or Keys for 2011, 2012 - I expect that trying to move pgm folders etc to Windows 7 or 8 presents many register pblms etc.. ANYONE out there have any workable strategies on this?
  5. FYI, follow on. CRA made a change for me so this transfer can be for either spouse, thus letting Netfile work successfully. Seems that they may have run into this problem before. SO, whoever Ufile gives this tranfer to (either spouse), netfile will say OK.
  6. Over60


    Hi, look in this Forum for a March 17 query "Interview Set-up Bug". I gave a response there, I think it might solve your problem. I ran into this too.
  7. FOR INFORMATION: I have my wife and my disabled son as dependents. He lives with us. I have form T2201 on file. For the last few years the Disability deduction has always been transfered to my return - Part of UFILE making the decisions (where you let Ufile make the decision on whose return should get the transfer). This year UFILE put that transfer amount on my Wife's return and NETFILE rejected the return since the T2201 is not on file for her - Solution to this is call NETFILE helpdesk and start process to transfer the T2201 over to her (But then, what if next year UFILE wants to put it back to me - probably in this case one should tell UFILE in the Dependents return to make sure the Transfer stays with the Wife, or you will have to have the T2201 transfered back again!). WHEN you call NETFILE, they fill out a form, they do security checks, and then in about 3 days someone will call me to complete the transfer, so I can at least proceed to do NETFILE. I have already NETFILE'd my son's return, but would not have been able to change this UNLESS I had tried to NETFILE my wifes return first. Too late now. Not sure if UFILE would be able to flag this type of transfer change in order to NOTIFY the Head of the Household about the implication of the T2201.
  8. Over60

    Loss Carry Back

    Since my note of 3:45 today (Friday) I SEE NOW that I NEED to select T1A AND I think THAT will solve my Query. Sometimes we just don't see the choice until we look 2-3 times.
  9. Over60

    Loss Carry Back

    Well, I must be missing something here. That screen "enter your net losses of prior years" Is not what I need(no loss in 2011 or 2010.) I NEED to apply THIS years LOSS back to 2011 and 2010 - I have GAINS in 2011 and 2010 and you can carry back losses for 3 yrs ( I am only going back for 2 yrs).
  10. Here is something that might help: Hit keys Alt+Prtsc(which is print screen button along top of your keyboard). Windows stores the image on your screen to memory so you need to Paste it somewhere. So open a word doc or a Txt file and Paste..it will paste that image there. You might have to do the same for the second page of the Results page but at least it is a way to save that image for your to review. It might look a bit small, but useable. In fact I have used this option to print images of input screens in UFILE so I can check back on what I did last year.
  11. This might be a late response but I had this error. I think what you need to do is check the Dependent ID Input Screen and you will see a line near the bottom which ask "does this dependent have any income" say yes and this should solve your pblm. I sort of agree that the error in results send you back to the check boxes which does not help with this specific problem.
  12. Over60

    Loss Carry Back

    Thx for responding. Your response is sort of the reverse of my request. I have LOSS in 2012 (my current tax return). I have gains in 2011 and 2012 so want to CARRY back that 2012 Loss. So would appreciate clarification along the same lines as your response. Thx
  13. Over60

    Loss Carry Back

    I have ticked the loss carry back box. I have entered data in the ``Prior years capital gains amounts and deductions`` for yr 2011 and 2010 as I have loss for 2012 that I want carried back for 2011 and 2010. For 2010 and 2011 I have entered the Gains that werer in tax returns for those years. DID I do the right thing? On what Tax form does this show up. I realize that CRA does the reassesment for the 2011, 2010 years. Thx
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