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  1. Thank you! It was from my work T4, box 85 employee-paid premiums for private health services plans.
  2. Finally working on my family's tax returns (mine, husband and 2 children). When I look at the results, on line 332 Allowable portion of medical expenses it shows $75.34 under my name. Notes indicate: All federal medical expenses for your family are being claimed by -----. Our family had no medical expenses in 2012, and I did not enter any on the interviews. Where is this coming from? These are all I've entered for all of us: Mine T4 EI (Mat Leave) UCCB Spouse T4 Child #1 Daycare Fitness Arts Child #2 Daycare
  3. Late reply, but thank you!
  4. Hi, I just bought my UFile in store, and just realized when I got home that my cd/dvd drive is broken and I can't use the cd to install. Is there a way I can download the program and just use the key in the box I bought to activate it? Thanks.
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