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  1. Getting to 'run' is the problem. I click on the link in the email - save to my desktop, there's the icon - I click - it unzips - then all I have is the popup for Repair or Remove - no other options. I click 'Repair' - I get Error code 1612.
  2. I received the email with my transaction info and the code, but the links for help, download directions go nowhere when I click. I do have the icon on my desktop - but when I open it, all I get is the popup window offering me the option of either repairing, or removing. I have sent emails too Ufile, but no response - and I have to file a return today...please help!
  3. Thanks for replying, but - while the on-line version has on the Interview Setup page, under Deductions and Credits - the three following boxes already ticked and assessable: Provincial tax credits, other deductions and credits, and - Refund or balance owing...etc., the purchased version, while also ticked, are grey - and I do not have access, and I have verified that both versions data entry are identical. So, how can I activate these?
  4. I purchased the UFile 2012 for windows Standard Edition, and have prepared a friends return. However, since I was not sure if she was eligible for a free filing, I used the free On-line program first. Her results required payment to file. Therefore, I then re-entered her information into my purchased UFile. The on-line version shows a Schedule P credit on line 456, but is not listed on my purchased windows standard edition - this of course provides a large difference in refunds for my friend...Help! What do I do?
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