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  1. thanks. So can I claim all expenses to replace the kitchen (basic replacement of 30 year old cabinet and laminate countertop, etc not upgrading to granite or anything like that? I'd prefer not to have to get into CCA as it is complicated. Questions can these all be considered current expenditures: - replaced 30 yr old leaking toilet and vanity and tap in bathroom - replaced 30 yr old cabinets with new and laminate counter (not granite) - replaced washer and dryer - replaced front door for better insulation and more security - replaced roof on garage due to rot are these all maintenance items? or do any HAVE to be considered CCA?
  2. We've had rental income for several years but only ever had maintenance costs. Now purchased two rental homes in 2016 and I have NO IDEA how to include the following as i think these expenses have to go under a capital expense? - legal fees to purchase the property - renovation costs to put in new kitchen in basement apt.and other renos to basement unit (or does paint, blinds etc count as maintenance as it's not increasing the value, just fixing existing?) - new roof on garage - my understanding is it's maintenance not CCA as we just fixed existing, not upgraded - I have no idea what category of CCA these things fall under or how to enter them. Just read on Can Revenue about CCA and it says "You cannot use CCA to create or increase a rental loss." So if we bought one property in Nov 2016 and had legal expenses to buy it that are more than what we got in rent (because it was only rented in dec) does that mean I cannot claim my legal costs to purchase? Many thanks if anyone can walk me through this!
  3. Still no answer from UFile!!! I emailed my question about needing activation key and they sent me link to install software... I have the software.... I only need an activation key sent. I also sent details of when and where I purchased the software.... I want to be able to open previous years returns... that is all. Why can't they answer the question I asked??? Frustrating. Was planning to do taxes 2 days ago. No phone support is very annoying.
  4. Our computer crashed but we managed to recover data from hard drive. Before I install 2014 software I won't to open up 2013 returns so it can carry forward info and so I can compare amounts. I have the original disk but font ave the paper sleeve with the activation code on it. Is there any way to be able to open previous years returns without repurchasing it? Makes no sense to have to do this as the returns were filed a year ago. Im sure ufile can see that it was used last year and obviously i bought the program then. The data is all there but there seems to be no way to one it! Help! Is there any way to hone to talk to a person?
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