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  1. ....Yeah. Just caught that. Actually i just wasn't reading. I entered the Box 20 info in the T2125 - Commission income screen and the error went away. Then I re-read my box 28 problem--actually it is code 28 (Box 48). Again with the not-reading.... Entered the info in Box 48 and the correspondng Box 48 line in the T2125 and the error went away, along with the double-reporting I saw when I entered box 28. Thanks again, Gabriel. Now I can Netfile. Dave.
  2. I tried this and it didn't work. I can't enter zero in the gross sales and commissions line because the income is not zero--there is sales income. Also there is no field in the T2125 entry form called "Self-employed commissions (T4A Box 020)". So I can't get the income to report on line 166 and 139. It seems strange because this answer seems to have worked for other people. But I have a few hours so I will take a look at it. Thanks.
  3. I cannot NETFILE my wife's return because she has T4A Box 20 (Commissions) and Box 28 (Other Income). This is business income. Last year I entered the Box 20 information in the Ufile T4A slip and in the T2125 form business schedule. This year I did the same thing, but I STILL cannot Netfile. In prior year topics I can see we are advised to enter the T4A Box 20 income in the corresponding Box 20 Commissions income line in the T2125--but in the 2013 Tax application there is NO line referring to the Box 20 Commissions income in the T2125 form. It seems I am stuck. The alternative I found is to delete the T4A and just enter the income in "Other Income" in the T2125. This is not technically correct, but it does flow the income into the correct overall tax calculation.... Anyone have any ideas??
  4. My friend is entitled to the Clergy Residence Deduction for his job. He has a form T1223 filled in, as required by the CRA. Problem: He moved in July. The address on the T1223 form applies to 5 months out of 12. Can he claim Clergy Residence for the whole year, even though the form only names his current residence? Harder question: Would that come back to bite him in an audit? or Should he have two T1223 forms filled in for the year he moved? He is otherwise entitled to the Clergy Residence Deduction for the whole year. (His job never changed.)
  5. Which spouse applies for the Ontario Trillium Tax Benefit? The lower income spouse or the higher income spouse? Or does it matter?
  6. I have a friend who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) AND Attendant Care Expenses (ACE). As I understand it DTC and ACE are mutually exclusive. My friend gets a higher return if I use the ACE instead of the DTC. I understand there are circumstances that will allow him to claim both these credits. Does anyone know the circumstances required to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and Attendant Care Expenses?
  7. Does the automatic option for Netfile transmission include an automatic step to create the *.TAX file for the government, or am I supposed to create that file first, before selecting automatic transmission?
  8. dbinto

    Help with T4A (P) form

    Thanks I had the same question. I am entering income tax deducted (Box 22) only in the Retirement Benefit page. Any idea why this changed? Last year the T4A(P) form was all on one page so both Box 14 and 15 could be filled in with a single corresponding Box 22 amount.
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