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  1. I did that, it only showed me the the actual tax refund that I have paid. There's no Trillium Benefit page
  2. I'm go through the Quick Navigator and am unable to find this. The only forms are the ones that I have entered, property taxes.
  3. Will I be able to see the estimate anywhere ?
  4. Why is the Trillium Benefit estimates shown on the return ?
  5. jbkennedy28


    For the T4A(P) form, there's Box 20 is missing, it only has Box 14, which is for retirement benefit, but I'm receiving CPP benefits, which in Box 20.
  6. Under the Foreign Pension, there's a dropdown box for Social Security Benefit 15% and Social Security Benefit 50%. Which should I select ?
  7. Why is our tax information stored on the Server ? The staff would have access to our data. Would it not be better to store it in our own computer as the information is confidential.
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