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  1. Thank you Nawal for your reply.

    Where is the part 6 of the form you mentioned ?
    Also is there a way to get a taxpayer's signature online before Efiling ?

    The name in the "Print name" field on the Authorization form is exacty the same as the name I mentioned in the Identiication field,
    but in the address area, I put c/o. Is this the reason why I got this error ?

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you very much for the very clear answers, both clw and Winston !

    I have one more question related to this. 

    The amount you paid to obtain medical insurance (Overseas travel insurance) 'immidiately BEFORE' coming to Canada
    can be claimed as medical expense ? 

    Does it consider as this ?
    Premiums paid to private health services plans including medical, dental, and hospitalization plans. They can be claimed as a medical expense, as long as 90% or more of the premiums paid under the plan are for eligible medical expenses. 

  3. Hello, I have a similar question.

    How about if I am a non-resident (staying on a 1year Working holiday visa and going back to my home country after it expires)
    and married, but my husband is in my country and not coming to Canada ?

    Should I follow the same steps as you mentioned above and indicate his world income of 2019 in CAD ?


    Thank you.

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