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    Ufile 2019 updates

    2019 installed and working properly. Today it downloaded updates and then when it came to installing, no go. Message says it cannot find a source. It does download, but does not tell me to where so I could check where the file is. Error 1706 No valid source could be found. But when I launch the 2019 program, it does work properly. Where does the download go or where does it look for the source - source is on my C drive in Program Files (X86).
  2. The link above does not work! 404 - File or directory not found.I find it also odd that Walmart has already the simple version in some stores, but nobody else in Toronto carries the UFile12 version. What's up with this??
  3. ''It looks like some users are getting a SOAP error even though their return was successfully transmitted. The NETFILE module seems to be erroneously reporting the SOAP module as missing even though it’s not.'' Precisely. When can we expect this to be fixed? Thanks
  4. Just now, the same problem, and the ''SOAP'' module is not even on the disc I purchased. WTF. So much for this advice. I should add that I was previously able to file three returns without any problems, and now on the fourth, I got the message that it did not go through. Tried to file ''manually'', and received a message from CRA that I cannot do this, since it was already filed. They supplied a confirmation number. Best now to wait until the CRA will send out it's assessment. But wouldn't it be nice if Ufile would have a patch for this obvious error!!
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