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  1. I've been entering class 12 costs, and even after deleting all the previous years expired (zero amounted) CC12 items, the site is preventing me from entering any further captil costs. Short of dropping Ufile and going to paper, how do I get around this limitation? (And why is there no way to quickly delete all zeroed capital costs? Deleting them manually is a pain in the ass, and necessary, since there's an artificial limitation on the entry number.)
  2. There are two places to enter annual dues/professional dues in the interview. I can enter it in expenses under my sole-proprietorship, or I can go to the left side, go to Union or Professional Dues, and create an annual dues section. Is there any difference to where I enter it? None of my dues are on T4s.
  3. ChrisO


    Are you saying that you should be putting premiums down inside of the delineated medical expenses section? (As shown in screen shot.)
  4. What if you have received a separate receipt for Health & Dental Premiums, as they are not included in T4 due to the nature of your employment? How do I enter that text into Line 330?
  5. Does anyone know why UFile carries forward capital cost class 12 items from one year to the next when they're 100% and thus essentially just taking up space and making it confusing as hell? Does anyone know a faster way to remove them than having to click the minus, then click confirm?
  6. ChrisO


    I'm going to take all these answers to mean there is no way to migrate your data out Ufile online, since the question seems to be causing mass confusion.
  7. ChrisO


    I would like to pull my data out so I can transition to a native Macintosh application. Whether it's for this past year, or next year, etc, I just would rather not have to re-enter everything by hand.
  8. ChrisO


    That's not really helpful, since I LITERALLY tried all three browsers this past year and still ran into trouble. For instance, I couldn't even send a help ticket through any of those browsers, I had to borrow my neighbours windows laptop and send it in through IE. My question is whether or not there's a way to export my data for the following year.
  9. ChrisO


    As a mac user I've been using the web version of Ufile for a while, but every year I run into incredibly annoying problems - error messages that link to pages that have nothing to do with the errors, I spend hours going through everything to find some odd little detail on page 3 of something that needed an entry... Is there anyway to get your data out of uFile to migrate? I want to use an app design for the Mac, not fumble with the terrible web interface any longer.
  10. Seriously - this error comes up, with a link that takes me to a page with nothing on it, how the hell am I supposed to figure out what is wrong? For the love of god, why don't they highlight whatever field is supposed to be fixed???
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