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  1. My Individual spousal RSP contributions... Where is that supposed to go (per screenshot)? And should be filled by one of spouses, correct?
  2. Where should I enter Contribution made by me to RPP? Since PRPP is not the same as RPP. The only one RPP help note can be found on UFile help is: Line 207 - Registered pension plan (RPP) deduction Generally, you can deduct the total of all amounts shown in box 20 of your T4 slips, in box 032 of your T4A slips, and on your union or RPP receipts.
  3. But why excluding the percentage of my personal use? When this field will calculate percentage of my personal use: Based on another topic: http://community.ufile.ca/topic/7536-motor-vehicle-expenses/
  4. We have one car and 2 rental properties (all in different area). So should I split in half all Motor Vehicle Expenses for Rental Properties and enter under each Property or all on one property and UFile will split it? Or simply put all Motor Vehicle Expenses for Rental Properties under one of the properties?
  5. Then what should I fill in the following fields of T776 form 50% or 100% (and UFile will split later on 50/50)?
  6. Thank you for such detailed answer. In my case most suitable is: Generate rental income statement for spouse option. So I need to fill 50% since me and my wife own it 50/50, correct? And no T776 on my spouse page, right?
  7. Do I need to fill here information from Issuer (London Life) on Registered retirement savings plan receipt? Since my contract says that employer will equal to my contribution up to 4%. So if I contribute 3% my employer will also contribute 3%. Must note that all above transaction done on my paycheck. Does all this information contain in my T4 slip or should I fill below form from Registered retirement savings plan receipt?
  8. I declared Partnership share (50/50) [on T776 Partner Details] me&wife. When I declare on mine Rental gross and Rental Expenses, Do I need to declare half of it? And when my wife turn to declare will be, she will declare on another her half, Correct?
  9. Hello, Is Life insurance deductible?
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