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  1. MCLeBlanc

    Box 85

    I found it! It was under 'Other Information', I clicked on the arrow and a drop down menu with several other box numbers appeared. Box 85 was there.
  2. MCLeBlanc

    Box 85

    I have an amount showing in box 85 on a T4 slip, which is an employee paid premium for private health services plans yet there is no place to input this on ufile. The medical page states not to input the amount there yet there is no room on the T4 page.
  3. MCLeBlanc


    Problem solved by Big Moose's post in deductions last Wednesday. 'I had put a ZERO in the % of home used by my spouse. This field should be left BLANK. The ZERO negates any expenses claimed! UFILE should indicate this somewhere Namel 'If '0', leave blank. My problem is now solved - no response needed. Big Moose'
  4. Thanks Big Moose, you have just solved the issue I was having.
  5. MCLeBlanc


    I filled out the expenses for home use using ufile. When reviewing the tax return I noticed that on page 4 of T2125 the amount that can be deducted from the personal business income shows on line 16 and should be carried to line 9945 on page 3 yet this field is left blank. Please advise.
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