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Hello Glenn Edward McDougall,

Please verify :

(1.) Data entry
(2.) If the donations were carried forward for next year :

Summary of carryforward amounts

(3.) Transferred to your Spouse

Charitable donations (Federal)

Donations claimed in the current year - self

Donations claimed in the current year - spouse

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I have a similar problem on my 2022 return. When I try to explain it in the "Support Form" I get error on Submit.

I would greatly appreciate any help on the following:

Ufile reduced my 2022 Donations of $6049 to $745 Why??!!
My donations are way less than the allowable 75% of taxable income.
I have been using Ufile for several years and this never happened before.

The CRA Calculator for Charitable donations
is showing a total of: $2,952 For Fed and BC donations credit.

Would you kindly let me know, why the big reduction? How do I get to force the system to accept my actual donations? I do have about $500 Tax owing.

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15 hours ago, Curmudgeon said:

Ufile will claim donations only to the extent they are needed to reduce taxes payable to zero. The unused amount will be carried forward to next year's return to reduce taxes. This could be happening to you.

Yes, this is true however I do have tax owing of around $500, what gives?!


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