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  1. The T1 Adj is used when paper refiling. Did you recalculate the taxes and save before refiling?
  2. Use ReFILE. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/e-services-businesses/refile-online-t1-adjustments-efile-service-providers.html#toc4
  3. In the Interview setup select Rental income and fill in the forms as needed.
  4. Use the Earning a salary T777.
  5. Try deleting the duplicates.
  6. You need to fill out a UFile T4A filling in box 48 and "as the amount indicated ..." in the T2125. That is sufficient.
  7. At what stage of the refiling is permission denied?
  8. If you are filing a Quebec return, look at line 21. If there is a date, it is indicating bankruptcy. No bankruptcy, no date.
  9. Yes, that is correct. I thought you had a T4A for the income.
  10. Fill in Box 48 of a T4A form and do a T2125 for the same amount. Need to fill out both.
  11. In Interview setup go to Employment and other benefits. Click the blue circle by Union or professional dues (not recorded on a T4 slip) Select Union or ... .
  12. The link says prepare another return for the deceased, although this time including only rights and things, and Write "70(2)" in the top right corner of page 1 of the return. It has to be paper filed. Not sure what you want.
  13. This might point the way. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/life-events/what-when-someone-died/optional-returns/return-rights-things.html
  14. There is no problem. The rules are federal and if Ontario was different the software would adjust for this. In Quebec there are two returns. Class 50 has the half year rule but you say No. The AIIP essentially does away with the half year rule so I assume the correct response is Yes to Half year and the AIIP will override that.
  15. I think class 8 is eligible for AIIP so put the amount in the second Description an amount ... line.
  16. Usually because error in SIN or name error, not the name the CRA has on record, or birthdate wrong.
  17. Final returns have to be paper filed, can't be Netfiled. CRA requirement.
  18. Try putting the ACB in the opening balance of the undepreciated CC box since as new assets they have had no depreciation applied.
  19. Sounds like you has an alphabetic character where a number should be or vice versa. Check for a 0 where an o or O is required or an o or O for a 0
  20. The filing deadline for self employment income is June 15, although the interest meter starts May 1 if you owe money. A person I do taxes for paid his installment in January 2020 and it was credited to 2019. On the other hand, two years ago I paid an installment in January and it didn't get recognized for the previous year. Since you don't have pressure to submit your return, wait a couple of days for the last minute scramble to die down and then talk to the CRA.
  21. In the Interview section left side menu under Identification you'll see the refile option.
  22. That's how it had to be done at one time and I've stuck with it. Also, T5008s are usually filed with the CRA before trusts send out their T3s which have an end of March deadline. If I have sold trusts like REITs where return of capital is important, the T5008 will miss it. Rather than adjusting T5008 information I feel more comfortable sticking with my spreadsheet and capital gains section (old dogs and all that). I do a fair amount of trading so yes it is a fair amount of work.
  23. One user with this problem had entered the Box 26 amount in UFile box 26* instead of box 26.
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