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  1. I don't follow how Schedule 7 knows about the $35,000. You must be entering the number someplace in UFile.
  2. If you took out the money in 2019, the first repayment is in 2021. No need to fill out a UFile HBP page unless you made a contribution to your RRSP.
  3. The T1 Adj is used when paper refiling. Did you recalculate the taxes and save before refiling?
  4. Use ReFILE. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/e-services-businesses/refile-online-t1-adjustments-efile-service-providers.html#toc4
  5. In the Interview setup select Rental income and fill in the forms as needed.
  6. Use the Earning a salary T777.
  7. Try deleting the duplicates.
  8. You need to fill out a UFile T4A filling in box 48 and "as the amount indicated ..." in the T2125. That is sufficient.
  9. At what stage of the refiling is permission denied?
  10. If you are filing a Quebec return, look at line 21. If there is a date, it is indicating bankruptcy. No bankruptcy, no date.
  11. Yes, that is correct. I thought you had a T4A for the income.
  12. Fill in Box 48 of a T4A form and do a T2125 for the same amount. Need to fill out both.
  13. In Interview setup go to Employment and other benefits. Click the blue circle by Union or professional dues (not recorded on a T4 slip) Select Union or ... .
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