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    Hi, there, How to find the "no income to report " in the page of interview set up?  Thanks 

  2. Are you sure splitting is not beneficial? Compare total tax before and after split. It gets complicated because of OAS and age credit clawbacks.
  3. I don't follow why a date of death is required for a 2020 return.
  4. There are two electronic filing systems: Netfiling and Efiling. Tax professionals use Efiling, individuals on software like UFile, Netfile. The CRA does not allow final returns to be Netfiled. You don't have to print out the complete return, only those pages that have the designation at the top of the page. Then mail them in.
  5. The T5008 is for recording realized capital gains/loses. Is there anything in Box 21?
  6. Transfers are permitted only after a student's taxable income is zero. As much of the credit as possible has to be applied first to the student. This may be your problem.
  7. In the UFile left-side menu click on Other Income and you'll see how to get to line 13000.
  8. Did you make the correction for all T3s?
  9. You can find it here: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/rc4018/chapter-2.html
  10. If any of your T3s have a box 26*, there will be a footnote explaining the entry. Anything in Box 26 should be entered into UFile box 26, not box 26*. Where is box 6, never heard of it?
  11. I'm confused. Does the RRSP t-slip show First 60 days of 2020 or March-Dec. 2020. If the former, then the 2019 return has to be adjusted, and if it was included in the 2020 return, then do a refile without it. If it was the First 60 days of 2020, I don't believe it is possible ti use it in the 2020 return.
  12. In Interview Setup, go down to Other topics. Select Adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed. You want a T1-ADJ for 2019. Fill it out recognizing the RRSP slip. I don't know if you can Efile it or it has to be paper filed.
  13. On the left-side menu under Tuition,, education, student loans, open up a T2202 for him. The tuition credit can be transferred only after your son's taxable income is zero (max $5,000).
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