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  1. Same problem here, income in box 28 from T4A is included twice - once in T2125 and second in box 130.
  2. Amount in Box 28 of T4A slip is entered using Autofill.  However, netfile 
    error message indicating return cannot be netfiled as amount not entered.

    1. AltaRed


      I am not familiar with this issue. Perhaps delete the Autofill data from this T4A and manually input all the data from the T4A slip. It should translate over to Line 130 when you Review your return.

      I have found in the past that Autofill can be problematic and do not use Autofill any more, especially on Box numbers that are not automatically part of the T4A.  It's a shame but Autofill does not seem ready for prime time.

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