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  1. Good day! I auto downloaded from CRA, and received a T5008 for an in-kind contribution of a stock to a TFSA, from my main taxable investing account. Comparing book to price at transfer, I have a small loss. I know this isn't claimable, but CRA doesn't have a book cost listed, so I don't want to leave it as is, or they (and the UFile program!) will think I had a profit for the full amount. However, if I enter the actual book cost, it will see this as a loss on your program, which I am not entitled to. I don’t want to delete it, since CRA will just see it as a gain I am skipping over. How should I do this? If nothing is obvious, my next plan is to call CRA. Thanks! I should point out that I did contact UFile, outlining the question as above (Request# UB2770304 if you are “listening” in, UFile!) , and this was the somewhat disappointing and yet amazingly humorous off-topic reply to my inquiry at 4:45 yesterday (I wrote back immediately, but have heard no more): Hello, Thank you for contacting UFile technical support, If you have some losses in your T5008, you should choose 'Capital gain /losses' as type of income not 'Investments income. Regards, Fadi On behalf of the UFile Team
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