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  1. The T2 online package as of 2July 2019 is still incorrect in suggesting that you press the "Get WAC" button. It does not exist. After a bit of a run around I simply called CRA. UFIle, can you either please update the package to do as the text suggests, or correct the text to be consistent with what the package does not do? Thanks PS: subsequent news for other users....the secret is that the Mailing Address has to be completed to enable the "GetWAC" button. The mailing Address window is elsewhere in the package, and even tough the mailing address could be the same as the corporate address you still have to fill it out. redundant, but that is the way the program is working. And the subtlety of the "GetWAC" button not being visible until you do this is silent on the eFile page. A communication deficiency which hopefully they will correct.
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